Traditional mineral water

Garci Crespo launches a commemorative premium edition to celebrate 90 years on the Mexican market.

Mexico.- Garci Crespo is one of the brands with a great heritage, in that part they try to return to their sources, which is Tehuacán, a place that is famous for its springs, which have many properties, because they accumulate minerals, which come from Pico de Orizaba, which reaches the aquifer in Tehuacán from where the water is drawn.

“Reserva de Tehuacán” seeks to take advantage of the current popularity of mineral waters, consumers see them as a healthier alternative to other drinks, and it is important to point out that it is a 100% Mexican brand.

The water in this area comes from the melting of the Pico de Orizaba volcano, in addition to having special properties due to the volcanic soil. Pico de Orizaba is the highest point in Mexico and the highest volcano in the northern hemisphere; this water, which also has very careful product design elements.

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