Trends in drinks: tropical and salty flavors are the most prominent

He beverage segment characterized as one of the most innovative over time, the uplifting flavor profiles, including tropical tones of watermelon and sour juice, are positioned as one of the staples for this spring season.

On its part, tastes of Italian origin are also in the spotlight with new premium positioned offerings inspired by the essences of Calabrian lemon, Italian red orange and Sicilian chinotto.

Formulators explain that they were inspired by perceptions consumers leaning towards salty and bitter profiles as a way to appeal to health perceptions, as well as strategies in reduced sugar beverages.

Tropical drinks

For the spring season, consumers actively traveled with their palates to avoid “food fatigue” this year, Bösch Boden spies highlights the tropical tones of watermelon and sour juice among the interesting flavors that are in trend among drinks this year.

  • Watermelon: It is low in calories, consists mainly of water and has a high content of lycopene and beta-carotene. It adds a very vibrant color and smooth texture to smoothies and cold-pressed juices. With its familiar and exotic taste, it is the perfect ingredient for a healthy and nutritious summer drink.
  • sour juice: It is a tropical fruit that is still largely unknown in Europe. It originates from the northern part of South America, but is cultivated throughout the tropical region of America. Its flesh is soft, creamy white in color, and the taste is something between pineapple and strawberry, mixed with sour citrus notes. It has a very unique taste and pleasant mouthfeel and brings a new exotic taste to customers who want new taste experiences.

Other jprocessed low angle or cold-pressed with original flavor profiles, such as passion fruit, raspberry and berry, have also been positioned as “winning champions” in drinks this year, explains Pamela Ahrens, product manager at Bösch Boden Spies.

Italian assortment

Italian-origin citrus drinks To keep up with the demand for fresh and tangy spring flavors, Synergy has a new range of Italian-origin citrus drinks, meeting consumers’ needs for premiumisation and greater product transparency.

With the traditional lemon and lime profiles, Synergy sees a wave of “next-generation” citrus profiles, with red orange, tangerine, pink grapefruit, yuzu and clementine gaining ground.

“Processing the highest quality fruit directly from nature using our traditional extraction techniques allows us to offer profiles and natural citrus solutions and authentic products that meet the specific requirements of our customers,” says icky Berry, Business Development Manager at Synergy Flavors.

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