Trends in wine packaging

The experts of Packaging Color Manufacturing SL explain that currently almost all wine cellars wanted to change their image and put their trust in companies specialized in creating a new brand identity: original and attractive decorations: “The goal is to produce customized packaging for wine, the influence that was carried out satisfying everyone’s tastes consumer“.

Experts detail trends in wine packaging

Millennials: a generation that is starting to gain importance in the wine world, since it is an audience of consumer age with great potential as a target audience. Unlike other generations, millennials pay attention to factors such as brand aesthetics and bottle design. Before that, large wineries launch lines of young wines, applying decorative techniques such as screen printing, varnishing and hot stamping to give greater appeal to the aesthetics of their packaging.

Green packaging: More and more people are opting for packaging that respects the environment, is ethical and ecologically responsible. Environmental protection issues are no longer just a matter of innovative companies and those who want to be different or more responsible without becoming market trends.

Personalize: Customers want to feel unique and therefore some companies launch campaigns with new products or new ideas aimed at those consumers who want to feel special. The decoration of vessels becomes relevant in this aspect. For wines with small production and high quality, wineries launch premium limited editions, giving more importance to image.

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