Uber expands in Mexico with new delivery model for small and medium-sized businesses

Mexico City (EFE).- The transportation company Uber continues its expansion in Mexico by announcing this Friday the expansion of its last mile delivery program “Uber Direct”, aimed at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the land.

This registration convenience will allow businesses to expedite their registration as well as their shipments, with an average delivery time of 30 minutes.

“SMBs need the tools to compete with large companies that already offer this advantage, and that’s exactly what we want to offer with this new model,” he commented. Daniel Colunga, CEO of Uber Eatsit’s a statement.

Small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to contract the service of the Uber platform and integrate it into their own online sales channel, whether it is a website, WhatsApp, telephone or other.

With the new registration model “Uber Direct”SMEs will be able to access the benefits of their program directly through the Uber Eats portal.

The new feature will provide automatic account access as well as a “self-service” process so interested businesses can hire and start leveraging “Uber Direct” in minutes. This process will not require any kind of prior contact with the Uber sales team.

A technological solution for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises

Uber’s last-mile delivery solution in the country has been in place since 2020 and has seen a five-fold increase in the number of trips in the last year alone.

“Uber Direct” already has a solid base of customers in different sectors of Mexico, such as shops and restaurants, mainly, but it will look for a center and attract small and medium-sized entrepreneurs “who do not want to be left behind”, according to what was stated. Uber director Eats.

In addition, Colunga explained that the solution is designed to address major changes in consumer expectations, particularly same-day delivery.

“This service is the result of multiple efforts by Uber Eats to help businesses that work with us grow in their own way, taking advantage of sales channels i resources they already have at their disposal, sending their products in a simple way like requesting a shared ride through the Uber ‘app’,” he stressed.

This technological solution offers the possibility for more companies to join and take advantage of these benefits in 68 cities throughout the entire Mexican territory.

The price of this service will be 49 pesos (less than $2.50), plus taxes, for delivery up to 3 kilometers and only 5 additional pesos (a quarter of a dollar) for each additional kilometer.

Just a few days after this was enabled new model in Mexicomore than 300 small and medium-sized companies have already registered to contract delivery services through the “Uber Direct” solution.

Photo: EFE/Isaac Esquivel

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