Ultra-premium tequilas appeal to North American consumers

It is currently one of the alcoholic beverages for the United States market.

The Vice President of the Council for Distilled Alcoholic Beverages of the United States (DISCUS), Frank Coleman, pointed out that for his country, tequila is one of the finest and most important strong drinks in the world, writes El Universal newspaper.

Interviewed before a presentation by the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (CNIT) to a group of American journalists, Coleman highlighted the popularity that this ancient Mexican drink has gained.

Coleman is conducting a program of information activities in the country for the North American press specialized on the subject, organized by the Tequila Regulatory Council and with the support of the CNIT, he reiterated that tequila is one of the main alcoholic beverages in his country.

“Especially its ultra-premium tequila category, because those are very much attracting the attention of North American consumers,” he said.

He indicated that they decided to bring a group of specialized journalists from the most important media in the United States, to educate them about the tradition, quality and history of tequila, and they in turn take it back to their country. values.

He pointed out that the most important challenge facing tequila in the United States is educating consumers about the characteristics, classes and categories that exist.

As well as making known the entire process behind these brands that can even sell for up to $100 per bottle, which makes them so highly praised and with so much tradition to support them.

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