Underwood: canned wine

Union Wine Company has innovated by introducing its brand of wine in a 375ml can in two variants.NOW.- North American winery, Union Wine Company, has definitely launched two of its wine brands in 375 ml cans, explicitly mimicking beer packaging. This launch, scheduled for spring, was made after the good reception that the pilot test had at a local festival. With two varieties: pinot noir and pinot gris for young wine, the Underwood brand aims to popularize wine consumption, assuming the casual consumption of a segment of young consumers who break the stereotype of wine with a bottle and cork. For some wine lovers it will be sacrilege, for breweries a new threat.

There are already many of them formats in which wine is marketed, from the classic glass bottle, with cork or screw cap, bag-inbox system, pouch container, to Tetra Brick container.

The can is not a new alternative in this field, there are even aluminum bottles, and the novelty in this case is the decision to compete directly with beer, in a format such as a 375 ml can. Union Wine Company apparently has it all figured out and already has a small truck to promote the wine. wine Canned.

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