Valco Melton will be featured at the Expo Pack

The company will present solutions as part of the exhibition.

From boxes and sealing boxes or leak-proof sealants, to pallet stabilization and labeling, Valco Melton is the benchmark in adhesive application and quality control equipment in terms of precision and reliability of its systems.

Specially designed for the food and beverage industry, our EcoStitch technology becomes a smart solution for the electrical application of Hot Melt. Proven: Improves uptime, reduces maintenance and parts replacement, and improves adhesive consumption.

Or eliminate the maintenance of clogged nozzles with the on-demand HotMelt Kube system, the only one that allows three configurable installation options in its formats, either pneumatic or electric.

Along with these melt systems, Valco Melton has been a leader in cold adhesive application systems for over 64 years.

The Valco Melton line of quality control systems combined with electronic controllers ensure accurate adhesive application and improved product quality.

Valco Melton will be featured in the Expo Pack at booth 1500.

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