Vegan chocolate, Cadbury’s new business

United Kingdom. – James Cadburyabout to launch his new company: the first line of oat milk chocolate from the United Kingdom. In addition, he talks about how he takes the same ethical and sustainable approach to chocolate making as his famous philanthropist ancestor who pioneered the practice sustainable.

Motivated by your own journey without dairy products, James and his company have created the creamy plant-powered chocolate using a “secret recipe” that he cannot divulge, but which uses “completely different production techniques” to formulate HiP (Happiness in Plants).

“The inspiration came from my own personal experience while cutting back on dairy. We spotted an unknown problem. Oat milk is a fast-growing alternative to milk in the UK and around the world, so it was an obvious choice to use the milk that consumers are using,” explains James Cadbury.

Sustainable chocolate

The range is handcrafted in the UK cocoa Single origin from a sustainable source with plastic-free packaging. With a distinctive and contemporary design aimed at the younger spectrum of the market (consumers aged 20 to 50), NPD strives to offer both taste and appearance.

Starting HiP also takes advantage of the growing trend flexitarianwhich sees traditional consumers of Carne Mr Dairy Products Make a conscious effort to reduce your intake of animal products.

In addition, consumer demand continues to grow for plant-based brands and sustainable. The production of oat milk has a minimal impact on the environment compared to traditional dairy milk.

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