Viandas light

They are used to planning their weekly diet, without thinking about what to cook. Light Food is a company dedicated to preparing low-calorie meals from natural products. Its characteristic dishes, prepared according to the taste of consumers, are intended for those who want to lose weight, eat healthy or simply plan a weekly meal because they do not have the time or desire to cook.

The food comes in two presentations: 150 Kcal. and 300 kcal. Among its varieties, fish, meat, cakes, soups and desserts.

Why light food?
– They measure the proportion that is lost in overweight people.
– They serve to plan the weekly food, without thinking about what to cook.
– They avoid the temptation to overeat or overeat while preparing food.
– Consumers may require some special preparations such as unsalted food, without any spices or ingredients, or non-frozen food suitable for freezing upon arrival at the destination and thus not breaking the cold chain. Orders can be placed by phone, in person or online.

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