Villavicencio arrives in Premium bottles

The brand took a new step in caring for the environment with the launch of the new Premium PET bottle.Argentina.- With the aim of continuing innovation in sustainability, Villavicencio, a brand focused on caring for the environment, reinforces its commitment with the launch of a new Premium PET bottle for exclusive bars and restaurants. With its renewed aesthetic design and modern lines, the new presentation brings a revolution in the gastronomic industry and the brand in terms of environmental care.

Villavicencio is the only natural mineral spring water from the Protected Reserve that is filled at the source, in the Villavicencio Natural Reserve located in Mendoza since 1904. This factor guarantees the maximum purity and naturalness of the product. The new exclusive line preserves these quality standards, keeping its unique and natural taste unchanged; while affirming his commitment sustainability.

Its signature exclusive packaging, unlike a glass bottle, does not require transport back for cleaning and refilling, thereby avoiding energy, fuel and water consumption, creating environmental benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing the supply of glass and installing a bottle with to shape modern and sophisticated PET, you not only have access to a product that retains all its characteristic properties of its unique origin, but also contributes to reducing the impact on the environment.

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