Viñedos Rioja stands out with the mention of Singular Vineyard

He Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain recognized the new wine-growing areas of Riojas as a unique vineyard within the qualified designation of origin.

This new designation of geographical origin responds to the requests of 17 owners of 20 new vineyards, covering an area of ​​32 hectares, adding to the 84 projects from last year to reach a total area of ​​186 hectares.

With this new distinction of special vineyards, Regulatory Council of the Qualified Denomination of Origin Rioja hand in hand with the Ministry continues to develop this project of excellence.

New recognitions are associated with this figure, which aims to give due importance to terroir, the origin that the most knowledgeable consumers are now looking for in wines.

How to get Singular Vineyard recognition?

The Singular Vineyard is a geographical unit smaller than the municipal area, located in a territory protected by a qualified designation of origin of Rioja and identified by a name. It consists of a rural area or locality with its agrogeological and climatological characteristics that set it apart and distinguish it from others in its surroundings, from which wines of unique properties and quality are obtained.

The recognition of a smaller geographical unit as an individual vineyard requires compliance with the following requirements:

  • Presentation of the technical report, in accordance with the Guide for the description of climatological, agrogeological and viticultural features approved by the Council for Regulation.
  • Assessment Report of the Council for Regulation.
  • The name Singular Vineyard must be registered as a trademark, at least in Spanish Patent and Trademark Officeby natural or legal persons who own the crop or by those responsible for its production with facilities registered in their ownership in the Council for Regulation.

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Conditions that must be met

  • It can consist of one or more cadastral particles.
  • The minimum age of the vineyard will be 35 years.
  • Cultivation practices must be focused on sustainability and respect for the environment.
  • The wine will be produced from grapes exclusively from the plot or plots that make up Singular Vineyard.
  • Production, aging, storage and bottling within the same winery.
  • They must exceed compliance with the various requirements established in documentary and physical control.
  • The produced wines will be subjected to a double qualitative assessment, an initial assessment and another assessment before being put on the market.
  • In terms of labeling, the mention of Viñedo Singular will appear under the name registered as a trademark.
  • The trademark owner must present a declaration of commitment regarding the exclusive use of the trademark in wines covered by the Qualified Designation of Origin.
  • In the case of wines from unique vineyards, bottling to order will not be allowed.
  • The bottles will bear special labels or seals that will include the mention of Viñedo Singular.

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