Walmart is committed to recyclable packaging

Supermarket chain Walmart took on new commitments with a view to 2025, among which is the achievement recyclable packaging for 100%. Within the framework of the Annual Meeting on Sustainability, under the motto “Accelerating progress towards a sustainable future”, it defined its main goals:

  1. Working together with own brand suppliers to achieve recyclable packaging for 100%.
  2. Certification of the use of palm oil and its derivatives.
  3. Certification for the use of paper, pulp and wood in production packaging.
  4. That all products containing soy or those obtained from the meat sales chain are produced without the risk of deforestation.

IN interview with Emphasis FoodJuan Pablo Quiroga, Head of Institutional Relations at Walmart, comments: “Today, we have more than 800 Great Value, Equate and Acuenta own brand products (storable, perfumery, fresh and perishable) from different categories on our shelves. As a result of the analysis of these products, currently 76% are ours the packaging is 100% recyclable”.

According to Quiroga, the focus is on:

  • Optimize design, eliminating unnecessary materials and packaging.
  • Improve the ‘health’ of the material. This means increasing the use of content from recyclable sources and reducing and eliminating materials that may pose risks to the environment or health.
  • Promote recycling and reuse.

Materials and technologies for recyclable packaging

Juan Pablo Quiroga explained that the report they conduct to determine the recyclability of each packaging evaluates several factors:

  • The material they are made of
  • Description of the component
  • The product it suited
  • Availability of technology to process any material in Argentina
  • The existence of demand in part of the market, that is, if the recycling circuit in Argentina is currently and efficiently receiving and processing materials.

The determination of recyclability was based on the experience of experts, which is why actors involved in different instances of the recycling cycle, such as cooperatives and collection companies, material classification and recycling, were consulted. With this initiative for sustainable packaging, they aim to encourage innovation throughout the value chain, from:

  • Increase the content of renewable resources, resources that can be recycled or reused.
  • Optimize designs.
  • Communicate the attributes of recyclability clearly and simply to customers.
  • Ensure lower costs in sustainable products, as a result of material reduction.

Environmental obligation towards 2040

Walmart International announced its 2040 commitment. The goal is to drastically reduce and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from:

  • Use wind, sun and other renewable energy sources by 2035.
  • Electrify and reduce emissions to zero from all its vehicles, including long-haul logistics trucks, by 2040.
  • Use of low consumption refrigeration equipment in all its stores and distribution centers by 2040.

Certificates and energy saving

  • To date, 100% of Argentina’s own brand products are certified to use palm oil. This means that they were obtained without deforestation or conversion, in accordance with the principles and criteria of the RSPO (Round table on sustainable palm oil).
  • 100% of the own-brand products sold in Argentina and made from pulp or paper are obtained without deforestation or conversion, in accordance with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.
  • In the last year, technology was replaced and new cooling systems were installed. Thanks to these actions, the reduction in energy consumption amounted to 3.79%. Furthermore, as part of various waste reduction initiatives, 36.5% of the total produced waste was saved.

According to Juan Pablo Quiroga, “the consumer pays more and more attention to the products they consume, not only in terms of nutritional ingredients, but also in the type of packaging they consume. Little by little, many customers are becoming aware of the importance of recycling and caring for the planet through small everyday actions, such as everyday shopping. On this way, we want to continue to raise the awareness of customers about the importance of buying products that care for the environment, therefore we want to oblige our suppliers to develop packaging that accompanies this awareness campaign, in order to offer products that are 100% environmentally friendly. recyclable packaging“.

These commitments are part of the challenge that Walmart is taking on in all of its markets. The goal is to help transform the entire global supply chain, in order to protect and restore the planet’s natural resources.

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