Wine Gran Dante Bonard 2009

From a careful selection of grapes harvested and selected Gran Dante Bonarda 2009 is made from a careful selection of grapes harvested and selected by hand in the family vineyards in the district of El Marcado, Santa Rosa, Mendoza, 600 meters above sea level. The excellent soil and climatic conditions in this region enabled extensive ripening, achieving a high concentration of grapes.

This first production consists of only 2,510 bottles. Gran Dante Bonarda 2009 is aged for 12 months in American oak barrels for first use, 18 months of storage in bottles in the winery before release and a potential aging of 8 years.

In the taste notes, it presents a deep color with intense purple shades and pronounced notes of red fruits such as raspberry and ripe strawberry. Tertiary notes of vanilla and caramel are felt on the nose, in balance with the aromas of the variety. In the mouth it is voluptuous, with a distinct expression and sweet tannins that give it fat.

“We are very proud that the years of work with the Bonarda variety are reflected in this wine. This new representative of the Gran Dante collection faithfully expresses our commitment, personality and the passion we feel for wine, and especially for this variety,” said Rafael Squassini, director of Bodega Dante Robino.

Gran Dante Bonarda 2009 is offered in 750 ml bottles. in wine bars and exclusive dining establishments nationwide and can be purchased for $180 USD (suggested retail price).

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