Wines with high passion

Alpasión is a new brand of wine whose label has a special design and 100% natural taste comes from whole berries.Argentina.- Alpasión Lodge and Wine Experience lands with a Premium proposal, located in the province of Mendoza at the foot of the Andes in the Upper Uco Valley, launched its line of wines from the 2012 vintage, also called “Alpasión”.

Bad wine Alpasión was developed by renowned winemaker Karim Mussi Saffie, whose family roots of Lebanese origin have been devoted to winemaking for several generations. The bottle label has a special design that reflects the identity of its creators: it has fingerprints and signatures of all owners. The aim of this design is to convey the soul of a project carried out by a group driven by friendship, passion and quality in all aspects of life.

“La passion is the central axis of this project, hence the name “Alpasión” which bears the imprint of the soul and passion of its creators”, said ShellieKarabell, manager of the Alpasión Argentina project.

The Alpasión vineyard has 85 hectares, of which 60 are currently planted with Malbec grapes. The premises were previously investigated by Dr. Pedro Parra from the National Institute of Agronomy in Paris, a world expert on terroir. The diversity of flora and fauna present on the property was confirmed and cultivated by botanist Dr. Rubén Oliva in order to preserve the most important species. The vineyard will be certified as “organic” by the National Institute of Viticulture.

Export destinations for the 2012 vintage are diverse and include Curaçao, Bermuda, India and the Cayman Islands.
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