Women are key to technological development

Currently, technological development plays a key role in economic, educational, social and political life. However, according to a study by Endeavor México, in the country, only 9% of tech companies are run by women.

Women have proven to be a fundamental figure in history. As an example, we can mention Marie Curie, the first person to win the Nobel Prize for two different sciences: physics and chemistry.

In fact, the first algorithm in history was developed by a woman: Ada Lovelace. His discovery in 1845 helped create the first programming language. However, her works had to be signed with initials in order not to be censored because she is a woman.

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Women with influence on technological development

Hedy Lamar was another woman who influenced technological development. It is credited with the first version of spread spectrum, which helped the long-distance wireless communications used today for Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi.

  • We can also mention Mary Lee Woods, who, in addition to being the mother of Tim Berners-Lee (the programmer who invented World Wide Web, the website and structure on which the use of much of the Internet today is based), is a pioneer in technological development. She was part of the team that developed the Ferranti Mark I, the first computer sold commercially in 1951.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the fifties of the last century, when she had children, she became the first programmer freelancer of the world.

Mary Lee Woods believed that women needed a more relevant life, beyond marriage and bearing children; Therefore, at the encouragement of her parents, she soon excelled in mathematics and received a scholarship to study at the University of Birmingham.

During his university years he served at the Malvern Telecommunications Research Establishment during the Second World War.

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The current role of women in technology

There are currently a large number women in different positions that develop and promote technological progress in different areas: from project managers to program architects.

Throughout history, important advances in inclusion and participation have been made women in the IT sectorbut there is still a gender gap that needs to be narrowed.

This will only be achieved with:

  • Joint work of the government
  • Academy
  • And a private initiative

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Actions to consider

A study published by Laboratoria and the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) states that in Latin America in the information and communication technologies (ICT) sector, only one in four specialists is a woman, and one in five works as a technician in the world. .

Likewise, scientific, technological and computer experts represent the average less than 30% of the total number. Therefore, it is imperative to work together and motivate young women to enter the world of technology.

  • Providing the same opportunities, responsibilities and projections as any other human in the company is essential to guarantee gender equality.

Commitment to diversity and inclusion; By recognizing the value that diversity offers in organizations, it enables paradigm shifts and promotes innovation.

  • For this reason, it is also important to promote labor policies that create favorable working environments for all, taking into account the principle of equality, but without losing the human side of technology.

The talk and action to reduce the gender gap in the workplace, especially in the technology sector, should not be reduced to a day (March 8) or a month, it should be the obligation of all sectors of the population to create diverse societies, fair and just.

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