Xeikon FEU: the comprehensive label solution

Xeikon launches the Xeikon FEU unit with the aim of offering label printers and converters maximum flexibility to meet the demands of brand owners and designers who need to create high-quality labels that are eye-catching, unique, fun and creative.

The Xeikon FEU unit is based on MGI technology and offers:

  • Spot UV varnish
  • Laminate
  • touch up varnish
  • 3D textures
  • Holograms on a wide range of materials

Currently, areas such as packaging and retail are under great pressure to deliver creative innovation and greater productivity. That’s why Xeikon offers a workflow integration built around its X-800 Vectorizer that will provide customers with everything they need to efficiently move toward end-to-end digital label production.

The Xeikon FIRE It allows the user to print tests of new designs in an agile and simple way, while speeding up time to marketing. It is a cost-effective solution, with a highly agile configuration, that offers superior levels of creative finishing quality in smaller label volumes.

Using inkjet technology, it is possible to automatically apply spot UV varnish with or without 3D relief texture effects to any area of ​​the label. In parallel, for lamination applications, the digital label area can receive digitally controlled sheets with or without 3D effects of some complexity compared to the conventional process.

Label market

According to the report The future of labels and packaging for the release to 2023, Smithers Pira, the relationship between the label market and digital printing seems to be exploding. Overall, last year the sector reached 37 billion dollars. It is estimated to continue growing at a rate of 4.1% annually until it reaches $45.2 billion in 2022 (a slightly faster rate than expected for the large-format graphic communications market).

During that same period, the amount of printed labels will reach 1.43 billion printed units (using A4 as the measurement format). Asia is the largest regional label market with a 47.0% share of global consumption. It also recorded the fastest growth in 2017. North America is the second region, with a share of 20.0%, followed by Western Europe with a share of 18.5%.

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