Yogurt with Double Zero

Yoplait develops and launches the Yoplait Doble Cero line, a portfolio of delicious yogurts with 0% added sugar and 0% fat.

Mexico.- Yoplait Doble Cero has 0% added sugar during the production process, that is, it contains only natural yogurt and fruit sugars in its formulation. Likewise, all the fat was extracted, resulting in yogurt with 0% fat.

Yoplait Double Zero is an option to include in a calorie control diet and as part of a proper diet for people with a different lifestyle.

It has three flavors in a shaken and drinkable presentation.

• Peach

• Strawberry

• Naturally

It is now on sale in supermarkets in the country in the form of a 125 g smoothie, a 242 g drink and a 1 kg smoothie.

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