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The first product available on the Mexican market is Hummus. Mexico.- PepsiCo and Strauss Group are launching a new line of Obel products in Mexico, which will revolutionize the dips and spreads market around the world.

Obela products strive to create a connection with Mexican consumers, providing them with a new culinary experience that they can share at the table with family and friends.

The first Obela product available on the Mexican market is Hummus, which means ‘chickpeas’ in Arabic.

Hummus has good nutritional value. It is made mainly from boiled chickpeas, tahini – also known as sesame paste – and vegetable oil. Recipes differ according to the mixture of salt and spices that enhance its taste.

It is a delicious, versatile and ready-made food that can be adapted to the culinary traditions of each country. Hummus can be served on any occasion as a sauce or spread. It can also be used as a snack, decoration, table addition or even as a first course. Children from other countries really enjoy its taste and are accompanied by crackers, pita bread, toast, tortillas or even slices of raw vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers. But not only that, Hummus can also be used to create a new recipe.

Obela presents, only in Mexico, special varieties that integrate traditional flavors such as chipotle and red pepper.

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