ZACAPA XO boasts a new image

The bottle contains gold details that emphasize the key elements of the brand, as well as the packaging, the opening of which resembles a book. Zacapa Rum, awarded as “The best rum in the world” for five years in a row for its quality and taste, is launching a new bottle image of the ZACAPA brand, as well as the packaging, from the moment you open it, it reminds you of a book that proves the authenticity and top quality of Guatemalan treasures.

According to the company, the new container design features a gold band from which the label falls from the neck of the bottle signed by Lorena Vasquez, master blender Ron Zacapa, which enhances the blending process.

As part of the innovation, “a new label printing technique has been applied to the durable ceramic for glass containers that increases the legibility of the ZACAPA XO logo, as it has a matte gold finish directly on the glass, while “The new label design shows the main ingredients and the different stages of the product’s production: sugar, virgin cane honey, aged at high altitude, finished in cognac barrels.”

As for the packaging, instead of removing the bottle through the top cap as usual, ZACAPA XO presents it in an elegant way through an opening that resembles a book. “The box comes in black and matte gold with an embossed heel strip to accentuate it. The box cover explains in detail the aging process, the country of origin and the quality of the land that make ZACAPA XO an ultra-premium rum.


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